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Cardano Roadmap



This blogpost will be written in the english language. As I'm doing this only on rare occasions, I will have tons of errors, weird phrases and a general awkwardness in speech patterns. Sorry for that. The topic of this post requires me to be a little more worldly.


Why Crypto?

One of the things I do when I have a moment to spare, is to check on my favorite cryptocurrency project: Cardano. Their vision is great, their design is great, the road map is great, the CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, seems to be a nice guy. The project feels perfect. Trouble is, there is only so much to check every day. I would really like to get involved in the cryptospace. But how to do so as a graphic designer, without any coding skills whatsoever?

A few days ago, finally, an opportunity emerged. I lay in bed, not able to sleep because of the coffee I foolishly drank a few moments earlier. My mind stumbled upon the feeling that the roadmap of Cardano could be somehow better. There are a few issues I identified:

  • The counter for when the next update arrives is waaaay at the bottom. Unfortunately that's the first thing I always check.

  • It is not always clear, what things are already done and which are still in development.

  • Although the milestones (Byron, Shelley, Goguen etc.) are worked on at the same time, they are shown as developments of each other.

  • The projects are not sorted by progression.

  • There is no filter to see only IOHK, Emurgo or Cardano Foundation projects.

All these things bothered me. And complaining, without offering some solution, shouldn't be ones style. So I started designing some drafts. I would like to share these with you and listen to your opinion on these issues.

But first, lets enjoy the length of this roadmap.

Reimagining the Roadmap layout

What I did was to change from vertical scrolling only, to horizontal scrolling as well. My reasoning is, that all five pillars of the cardano project need to be exposed as such. Yes, right now, most of the work is done in Shelley, but there is also work done in Goguen and Byron. I would show this prominently. Also, I would like to see what the next releases will be and what releases are already done. I therefore created a sort of stacking system, where the "Todo's" are on the left side, while completed tasks are gilded on the right.



This Layout has the comfort of showing the most information on the spot, without scrolling down and looking for new items or checking all new percentages. As a project nears deployment it ranks higher on the stack. The higher on the stack you look, the further developed things are.

You scroll horizontally through the pillars by either clicking to the left or right of the stack, or by clicking the portraits. You can then scroll vertically to see all projects involved in this stack. My feeling is, that with this layout, you can equalize and structure the vastness of this project better. What do you think of it?



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